Let Us help you Evaluate and Celebrate your WV Community.

2023 Summer/Fall Community Assessments Applications are now being accepted.

Get ready to discover opportunities and understand your community better.

The evaluation process requires time commitment of various levels over the coming months from you and your team. 

Here’s are a few ways to make the most of your community’s evaluation process:

  • Build a team. While you can go through the application alone, building a community team with different backgrounds will make finding the resources needed to evaluate the many different benchmarks easier.
  • Each community gets a designated coach. Use it! We’re here for you throughout the process to make connections, answer questions, and offer advice. 
  • The evaluation process relies on virtual meetings and regular check-ins. Over the coming months, through these sessions your team will progress through each benchmark section. Please try to have at least one person from your team in these sessions. 
  • Your team will have several opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other cohort communities. 

Assessment Slots are limited. To make sure your community gets the support it needs, register today.

If you would like your community to be considered for the upcoming evaluation cohort, please apply ASAP. 

The deadline to apply to be considered for inclusion in the next community cohort is September 24th 2023.

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