Celebrating Healthy West Virginia Community Recognition Benchmarks

Leveraging these benchmarks to evaluate progress and set priorities makes your community a better place to live, learn, work, eat, and play. By improving quality of life, you’re helping to reduce healthcare costs, improve resilience, and make your community more attractive to people and businesses.

These evaluation benchmarks focus on where people live, work, learn, eat and play. They measure opportunities for increasing, healthy eating and physical activity and decreasing tobacco usage. These things are vital to reducing the major causes of death and disability in our state.

Why does achieving these benchmarks matter?

These benchmarks are rooted in current health and wellness goals. They improve our citizens, attract a healthier workforce, and contribute to building more attractive and resilient communities. Celebrating Healthy West Virginia encourages the implementation of policies, programs, and activities that not only positively impact community residents, but also create an inviting environment for people working in and visiting your community.

Recognition Levels

The Celebrating Healthy West Virginia recognition program has three scored levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

In addition to these scored levels, each year CHWV honors communities with special recognitions for areas of impressive progress, innovative programs, and inspiring ideas. 

Will your community be this year’s Trailblazer, Food Systems Super Star, or Health Equity Champion?

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